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Delicious Living magazine
keeps you connected with your
customers and your community.

For over 30 years, natural products retailers have distributed Delicious Living in-store as an added value and educational tool for customers. Not only do they see an increase in market basket size, but providing complimentary healthy lifestyle tips positions these retailers as leaders in their communities. 

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of readers share information they learn in Delicious Living via word of mouth
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of readers are more inclined to purchase a product if they read about it in Delicious Living
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of readers have shopped in health food/natural products retailers for over 5 years.

Have a store special you’d like to promote?

All Delicious Living retail subscribers have the opportunity to customize the cover of each issue, increasing the reach of your store’s message.


What makes Delicious Living your ideal business partner? Trust. Every healthy, delicious recipe is professionally tested and includes complete nutrition information. Every story is fact checked and scientifically reviewed by medical experts. Every editorial product recommendation—whether for a food or beverage, personal care item, or supplement—is vetted by our editors and never influenced by advertising. Our renowned Standards Department reviews all existing and potential advertiser products to verify their ingredient, health, structure, or function claims are valid and true. Because we’re fiercely dedicated to high-quality and current information, your shoppers learn how to choose and use the items on your shelves, building trust and giving them more reasons to return. Delicious Living helps you communicate that you value not only your shoppers’ patronage, but their health.

Jessie Shafer, R.D.
Editor-in-Chief / Content Director
Delicious Living

  • You have a very loyal following… our customers are very loyal to Delicious Living Magazine. It was the first magazine we brought into Mother’s Market. You have great articles and wonderful recipes, the vegetarian recipes are the most popular, even with non-vegetarian customers. The recipes also use products we sell; increasing our store’s sales.

    Sharon Macgurn
    Sharon Macgurn Mother's Market
  • I’ve been reading Delicious Living for many years. I look for it every time I go to my local organic food store. It keeps me up to date on current health topics, often focuses on women’s issues, and contains wonderful recipes. I often keep favorite issues to refer back to. It’s a great resource, and best of all, it’s completely free. Keep up the good work, Delicious Living!

    Colleen Morin
    Colleen Morin
  • I’ve tried to switch to other magazines and my customers won’t let me! Delicious Living’s presentation is more customer friendly than others, the information is fantastic for educating my customers. The articles are very concise, succinct and to the point.

    Joy’s Natural Foods
    Joy’s Natural Foods Joy’s Natural Foods
  • Delicious Living was indirectly part of the very best time of my life. I lived in Nederland, Colorado in the ‘80s, and I would pick up Delicious Living at Alfalfa’s Market in Boulder. Reading it gave me more reasons to eat good food on a regular basis and to try new natural products. Whenever I go to Cream of the Crop [in Oceanside, CA], I still do not forget to get an issue by the entrance door.

    Danièle Arnaud
    Danièle Arnaud